International students under the age of 18 and below, require a guardian if one of the parents is not staying with the young student. The guardian is to act as a parent role on behalf of the student’s parent, during the studying period.


The guardian is responsible for

  • Well-being of the children
  • Attending the ‘Meet-The-Parent-Session’ in school
  • Point of contact for the student
  • Protection and the safety of the student

The guardian also

  • observes and communicates to the student to understand the needs on a weekly basis
  • checks school-works and the student’s performance in school
  • informs the parents in case of any inconsistent behavior of the child
  • shares the student’s performance and activities regularly to parents

It is important to build a trust between the parents and guardian.


  • Act as a guardian
  • Accommodation provided, home-stays with a friendly family
  • Foods provided (Halal / Vegetarian)
  • Airport pickup
  • Student pass application