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Founded by an experienced educational professional, who holds M.Sc in Chemistry and author of Maths & Chemistry Children’s Enrichment books, All A’s Tuition Centre is fostering the development of students who aspire to pursue degrees in Medicine, Dentistry, Biomedicine, Veterinary Science, and Pharmacy at leading universities in Singapore and the UK.

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Opening soon! -> Private school for IGCSE (O level) and GCSE (A Level) [August 1st intake]

What’s included in Student Care?

✅ Day care with tuition for MATHS + SCIENCE + ENGLISH

✅ Guaranteed ‘A’ or Achieve Higher Grades [T&C applies]


– Grammer, Composition, Comprehension, Vocab Cloze Passage, Synthesis Transformation and Phrases for Composition.

– Listening and Oral Practise.


–15 Methods to comprehend Mathematical sentences and key words to score distinctions.

­– Give ample of practices for every students to achieve distinctions in WA1, WA2, WA3 and Final Examinations.


– Detailed explanations and answering techniques for each topic

– Science Practical included

* The principal must be informed at least 2 weeks before 14th June 2024 should they prefer to attend student care for the period from 14th June to 23 June 2024

Student Care Fee

(P1/P2/P3) $600 / month

(P4/P5/P6) $800 / month

Food Menu

Odd Weeks

Monday :
Chicken Rice + Chicken Wing + Salad
Tuesday :
Spaghetti w/white or red sauce + Sausage
Wednesday :
Nasi Lemak + Chicken Wing + Egg
Thursday :
White Mee Hoon + Chicken/ Sausage + Spinach, Carrot, and potato
Friday :
Chicken Fried Rice + Cabbage + Fried Tofu

Even Weeks

Monday :
Yellow Mee + Fish Ball Soup + Green Vegetable + Crab Stick
Tuesday :
Fried Rice w/sausage + Chicken Wing
Wednesday :
Pasta + Sausage + Chicken Ham
Thursday :
Pizza w/chicken + Capsicum + Cheese
Friday :
Chicken Wrap + Chicken + Cheese + Scramble Egg

*No pork, no lard, no beef.

Crash Course Pre-requisite:  To enrol, students should have obtained 45 and above in that subject’s 2023 final year examination. Crash Course would be conducted for WA1, WA2, WA3 and Final year Exam.

P6 Maths Crash Course @ Jurong East (WA1, WA2, WA3 and Final Exam)

Fee: $120

P6 Maths Crash Course @ Yishun (WA1, WA2, WA3 and Final Exam)

Fee: $120

Sec4 Chemistry Crash Course (WA1, WA2, WA3 and Final Exam)

Location: Potong Pasir / Punggol
Fee: 2hrs ($80) / 2.5 hrs ($100) / 3hrs ($120) / 4hrs ($160)


Sec4 E-Maths Crash Course (WA1, WA2, WA3 and Final Exam)

Fee: 2hrs ($80) / 2.5 hrs ($100) / 3hrs ($120) / 4hrs ($160)



Location: Telok Blangah

Location: Potong Pasir / Punggol

(A-Level Timetable coming soon!)

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P4/P5/P6 Students

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Secondary Students

A maths, E maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology
Take any 3 subjects
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Best Tuition and Premium Student Care Center in Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong!


Collaborating with UK Medical Academy to prepare A-Level students for the admission test (UCAT or BMAT) to qualify for medical faculties in Singapore or UK. The success of our students is evidenced by the fact that they have gone on to become doctors and scientists.

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100+ positive reviews and testimonials by satisfied parents & happy students


My son lndrajeet joined All A's Tuition centre with poor grades in maths exams. He always scored 40 plus marks in school exams. However, he started to make remarkable improvement after 2 months joining the tuition centre. He scored 70/100 for his year end maths exam. Thank you Ms Sultana for guiding and teaching him.

Thanageswari Parent

Thank you for assisting my daughter Lya Syakira for her recent Pri 5 final year exams. She scored an A after failing her mid-year Maths. We appreciate your effort and patience guiding our daughter. Furthermore, it was done within 3 months. Thank you once again.

Mdm Hariati Parent

Ms. Sultana tutored me in Chemistry and Math since 2017 when I was in IP year 1. She is a responsible, caring and kind lady. She was always concerned about my school work and worried that I couldn't cope well because of the transition. She always took the extra mile and spent a little more time with me when I was having lessons with her, especially during my examination periods. The unbelievable part was she never charged my parents for the extra hours or lessons given. Even on a normal school day, whenever I encountered any difficulties with my Chemistry or Math, Ms Sultana was always around to pick up my calls or reply to my messages almost instantly. I took HL Chemistry and HL Math in year 5 and 6. My grades for these 2 HL subjects have been consistent and I managed to score grade 7 for IB. I've had a few tutors for awhile but Ms Sultana is definitely worth mentioning because of her professionalism and passion towards teaching rather than the lucrative earnings. Last but not least, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ms Sultana for her patience.

Mohamed Student

My teenage son, Colby, who's in year 4 IP, ACS Independent started both Chemistry and A Math tutorial lessons with Ms Sultana last ye.ar (2019). His results are always above average and under Ms Sultana's tailored guidance, he managed to maintain his score and hit the top . Ms Sultana is a kind, helpful and understanding tutor. My son and I have never encountered any unpleasantness with her. Her knowledge and patience have made me switched my younger daughter's Math and Science tutorial lessons from another tutor to her. So far, I'm satisfied with my kids' results and will continue to engage her.

Megan Parent

We are grateful to sister Sultanah for tutoring my son Thulasiram from Geylang Methodist Secondary School. in physics. He was getting F9 for the last one and half years. Now he just received his prelims results for pure physics and he has got a surprising A2 after going to her tuition for just 12 lessons. Thank you sister.

Ki Saravana Parent


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